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High strength Implant Bridges made from Prettau Zirconia and Titanium. PaTH or ZirkonZahn 'Classic' designs available.

100% Zirkonia 0% Chipping*

Welcome to PrettauLab - Hand Crafted Precision

PrettauLab UK provides monolithic zirconium bridge solutions for implant and natural abutments. The strength of Zirconium can be exploited to the maximum by creating all the functional surfaces without an additional ceramic veneer, this guarantees that NO CHIPPING will occur.

We believe Prettau bridges solve the material selection problems for large or wear cases as they offer outstanding longevity, aesthetics and biocompatability.

This technique was pioneered by Enrico Steger ZDT who formulated his own Zirconium named after the Prettau region of Italy where he has headquaters. PrettauLab UK is dedicated to delivering hand-crafted precision in monolithic Zirconium.

*All PrettauLab bridges have functional surfaces from 100% Zirconia. Prettau is a
trademark of ZirkonZahn