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100% Zirkonia 0% Chipping*

PrettauLab Promotions

Promotions for Dentists

10% Discount As a new customer of PrettauLab uk we will give you a 10% discount on your first case with us* Just book a case with your contact details and you will receive a discount off of your final bill.

Up to 250 Cashback PrettauLab aims to promote our solution to the UK and beyond as THE solution for implant restorations, To help us do that, you can document your case and send us photographs, videos and patient comments. We will then create a video containing your contact details, branding and documentation that will include stock video of the PaTH bridge process. This video will be posted on the PrettauLab Youtube channel from where you can access it, copy it to your channel or embed it into your website!

10% off future PaTH cases. PrettauLab also aim to get articles published in all the main journals and we will select the best or most interesting cases for publication. If you provide documentation and text for inclusion in a published article we will reward your hard work with a 10% discount on your next PaTH bridge.

*discount does not include any implant parts supplied by us. All parts are charged at cost + 20% or we can charge them to your account. Stage payments will be made without discount, the discount will be applied to the invoice on completion.

Promotions for Patients

250 cash back. If you have an implant bridge made with acrylic or composite that wears out quickly and loses its shine, or a ceramic bridge that is chipping and requires maintenance then you should consider a replacement PaTH bridge. They do not wear or chip, They are very clean and retain there surface gloss and are therefore much less likely to attract stains and bacteria.

Contact us on 0845 676 1200 and we will discuss your options. Your dentist has the final decision on what type of bridge to will provide but we believe that once they see the PaTH, they will be converted.

We will offer you 250 Cashback on the completion of your PaTH bridge*. Cash back paid on settlement of final invoice to surgeon. Testimonial must be supplied by you to be included in future promotions where applicable.