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PrettauLab is a service dedicated to providing high strength, high
quality bridges for implants
and natural abutments.

100% Zirconia 0% Chipping*

PrettauLab Terms & Conditions

PrettauLab accepts cases from any dentist or UK laboratory prescribing PaTH, PaTH elite or Classic Prettau bridges. PrettauLab aims to provide the best implant restorations on the market. Our terms and conditions must be agreed to before work is carried out.

  • All orders must be made with an initial payment before work commences. For a full arch bridge the initial payment is £1000 (plus 2% credit card surcharge where applicable), For any other case the initial payment is £500(plus 2% credit card surcharge where applicable)
  • Parts are ordered on the account of the client or on the PrettauLab account which will incur a 20% handling charge.
  • (Stage1) Models, special trays and verification jig are returned with a hard base bite rim. Once the verification jig is approved this will be the benchmark for fit. Any alterations from this benchmark will be at the clients expense. Please check fit with Sheffield test and x-ray.
  • Please provide a silicone, poly ether or polyvinyl siloxane impression of the opposing arch in the special tray provided..
  • PrettauLab members will provide the most suitable aesthetic try in based on the information provided. Please make this information as comprehensive as possible.
  • (Stage 2) An implant born bite rim with anterior set up will be sent for secondary bite registration and aesthetic evaluation. Some modification of the setup is possible but the revised setup may not be possible without some overcrowns.
  • Bite registration should be made with a silicone type material like BlueMousse, Jet bite, Occu Fast or similar. Wax bites at this stage are insufficiently accurate.
  • (Stage 3) A full contour mock up is then sent for final trial and approval. This resin mock up can be adjusted for cleaning spaces, occlusion/function and phonetics. It can also be added to with a light cure composite. In the case that these adjustments necessitate a secondary mock up, an additional charge of £270 will be made
  • A second payment on account must be made before the bridge is processed to a finish. For a full arch bridge the second payment is £1000, for a smaller bridge the second payment will vary between nothing and £500.
  •  (Stage 4 optional) The bridge can be tried in before the final bonding stage. Minor adjustments can be made at this stage to the aesthetic parts.
  • (Fit) The bridge is returned with the titanium and Prettau zirconium parts bonded together. Any adjustments at this stage, other than minor occlusal correction chairside, may incur a further fee.
  • All bridges are returned cleaned and disinfected but not sterile. 
  • All deliveries and collections should be booked with PrettauLab on 0845 676 1200. We use UPS or UK Mail for transportation unless a PrettauLab member has a courier service in your location.
  • An invoice for the balance will be sent with the finished bridge. This invoice will detail all pre payments, parts and any additional costs.
  • Invoices are due within 30 days of invoice date. No statements will be issued. Payment can be made by phone with a debit/credit (2% credit card surcharge) or by cheque sent to:

PrettauLab UK ltd
Coombe Works
Derby Road

PrettauLab 5 Year Guarantee


  • PrettauLab bridges and crowns are guaranteed for five years against breakage, chipping or surface degradation. This guarantee presumes normal usage and does not cover accidents, trips, falls or other incidents that are outside normal dental function.
  • A replacement bridge or part there off will be supplied from the original models that will be stored by PrettauLab for a period of 10 years. If the replacement is for a part and not the whole bridge, an acrylic temporary bridge will be supplied for the remake period. This will be made as a copy from the original model.
  • No redesign work will be included as part of the guarantee.
  • Screws are not guaranteed.
  • Overcrowns are not guaranteed.
  • In circumstances where there is significant wear to the abutments, suggesting prolonged function with loose screws PrettauLab guarantee will not apply.
  • The PrettauLab guarantee cover laboratory work and parts only, it does not cover surgery time or material costs.


PrettauLab is a dedicated service for monolithic zirconium restorations. PrettauLab only takes responsibility for cases produced through the PrettauLab sales channel. Prettau Zirconium is not a PrettauLab product, it is a product of the ZirkonZahn company of Italy.